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So You Think You Can’t Dance?

Roundhouse Community Dancers is the Roundhouse’s longest running residency program, funded in whole by the Vancouver Park Board. The project-based dance group emerged 13 years ago from a public response to the Roundhouse’s initiative to offer more community-generated programming.

“I’m not a dancer, but I want to dance.”

“Free Artist-In-Residence programs. One of Vancouver’s best kept secrets.” – Marie Lopes, Arts Programmer

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volunteer interview: John Westaway

“…just a little bit of a commitment is all that is required to make a difference.”

Why did you become a Roundhouse Volunteer?
To try something new, to give back to my community, to meet people and have some fun.

How much time do you devote to volunteering?
About 10 hours per month.

What has surprised you most about your volunteer experience?
I am amazed at the sheer number and the variety of activities there are at Roundhouse.

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“Lone Wolf” Finds Community in Team Sports

by Jacquie Steuartroy_lonewolf

Although Roy Liu (Events Coordinator and Program Assistant) describes himself as “once shy and kind of geeky,” he feels blessed to be able to relate to people and adapt to different circumstances—abilities he has relied on to make friends over the years.

“I’m a lone wolf,” he chuckles, before breaking into a boisterous rendition of Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself.” Liu explains that he had been sent to a boarding school in England when he was young. After a few years there he was reunited with his family, and at age 14 they moved to Killarney in southeast Vancouver where he began high school.

Discovering Sports

Despite moving around a lot as a child and being separated from his family, the 31-year-old Liu says that one of the ways he was able to adapt to his new community and form new friendships was to engage in team sports.

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