Jamming at the Field House

The Burrard Marina Field House provided a majestic backdrop for a two-day jam making workshop (August 1 & 2) that was the brainchild of Australian artist Keg de Souza.  The Field House Residency Program (supported by the Vancouver Parks Board) provides studio space for artists in exchange for the development of community-based arts projects; the […]

Kite Crazy

We went kite crazy at the Roundhouse, during the kite making activities facilitated by the BC Kitefliers Association (BCKA) as part of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Kite master Egan Davis was on hand as well as Cathy Jung (BCKA President), Dianne O’Brien (BCKA Workshop Coordinator), and many cheerful volunteers.

This is for the Birds

Did you know that the City of Vancouver has an official Bird Strategy? As part of the greenest city initiative, goal number six – access to nature – includes creating the conditions necessary to increase the diversity and well-being of our bird population. To this end, the Bird Strategy sets out five objectives: support habitat, […]

Children’s Movies: A Timeless Treasure

You would have to be living under a soundproof rock to not know about Disney’s record-breaking, ubiquitous movie Frozen. If you live or work with small children, you’ve no doubt been serenaded with the soundtrack, or enjoyed having the entire story recounted to you. I count myself among the film’s many fans, albeit taller than […]

Ethical Investing: What it means and why it’s important

In this age of digital media, information is shared at a lightning pace. Individuals and companies alike are more aware than ever about the environment, human rights, diversity and other issues concerning citizens around the world. More than simply aligning their own practices with their beliefs, people are turning to their investments to return more […]

Be in Step with Dance Walking

Workload, hectic schedules, deadlines, busy times…when it comes to life, we’re used to dancing to its tune! Now you can ‘dance walk’ your way into staying in great shape too. Back in 2012, Emmy award-winning NBC reporter Ben Aaron introduced a workout routine called Dance Walking. It was an idea inspired during one of Aaron’s […]