Limitations Create Freedom

Have you ever felt the inner need and desire to dance, to express yourself through movement, as YOU want, as you FEEL it? Have you ever stopped yourself even before trying? Imagine if one day you did not have such an opportunity for reasons out of your control. Would it stop you from wanting to […]

Be in Step with Dance Walking

Workload, hectic schedules, deadlines, busy times…when it comes to life, we’re used to dancing to its tune! Now you can ‘dance walk’ your way into staying in great shape too. Back in 2012, Emmy award-winning NBC reporter Ben Aaron introduced a workout routine called Dance Walking. It was an idea inspired during one of Aaron’s […]

Move to the sensual rhythm of Soukouss

Ladies, looking for a way to have a girls’ day full of excitement? Dance comes to me naturally, as I enjoy the freedom of self-awareness and self-expression brought on by letting go when in trance of the moment. Endorphins are realised when dancing, therefore, providing a natural high to life full of enjoyment and reducing […]

Winter (Solstice) is Coming…

When we think of winter solstice images of cold, dark, early evenings come to mind. It is the shortest day of the year, the longest night. The start of winter. At noon on December 21 the sun reaches its southernmost point, the Tropic of Capricorn. Six months later, earth’s orbit allows the Tropic of Cancer […]

Believing in Santa

The holiday season is a time of a year when families try to spend maximum time with each other. It is indeed a time to give thanks and enjoy each others’ company even more. The holiday season is, also, a time when children everywhere anticipate Santa’s magical arrival into their homes to deliver candies and […]

No (ill-fitting) Undies Please!

With the holiday season just around the corner, are you already thinking about what you’ll be buying or making this year? Well, the staff at the Roundhouse have some wonderful suggestions for you: Think Local, Think Consumable, Think Crafts. A quick roundup reveals that many of the Roundhouse staff love to give and receive handmade, […]