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Deirdre’s work explores notions of time, transformation, memory and experience. Themes of popular culture also populate her work, and she expresses many of her ideas with an overlay of humour. She works in a variety of media, and for every new project chooses the best medium to convey her ideas.

Deirdre has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from UBC. Her work has recently and notably been shown at the N49 W119 Residency in Kelowna BC, and David Wisdom’s Summer Slideshows at the Vancouver Art Gallery. She lives and works in Vancouver.


Fallen is about a memory. Not of a specific event, but of a time and place. As children we spent our summer days at our grandparents’ home – a modest house on a large piece of ancient farmland in the Okanagan. Hours were spent swimming in the lake, playing in the fields, and climbing the two huge apple trees at the edge of the yard.

The abundant fruit from these trees became jam, pies, and desserts all year long, and the thought of this fallen fruit now becomes the memory of the entire time and place. Memories can become faded and worn over time, and I wanted to evoke their essence by merging the spaces of inside and outside, and bringing the whole into the present exhibition space. The apples are represented both by real fruit and as paintings on a wall.

The paintings are framed in gold to make them precious; in a sense turning treasured bits of memory into objects we hold dear and display on our walls. The base of the vitrine becomes a slice of the floor of an orchard, or the floor of a house where even fallen memories are kept safe.

The current installation is a scaled version of the original, especially adapted for WINDOW. The full work will be installed at the Vernon Public Art Gallery in July through November, 2018.




The Window Gallery is a Roundhouse exhibition space for artists who explore the links between community and creativity in their work. The WINDOW art exhibit is located in the vitrine (glass case) in the Roundhouse at the main entrance on Pacific Street side. WINDOW artists show their art for two months.


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