Facilities & Rentals

The Roundhouse is a unique combination of arts centre, recreation facility, and historic landmark. From rooms for small meetings to a multipurpose gym to a black-box theatre to the newly renovated Turntable Plaza, the Roundhouse offers space for a multitude of activities. Rentals include everything from weddings to international gallery exhibitions to arts festivals. Whether your needs are for a few people or a few hundred, there will be a space that meets your needs.

Originally constructed in 1888, the Roundhouse was comprised of a cluster of buildings used to house and service the great steam locomotives of the day. Today the glass pavilion on the north side of the building continues to serve Canada’s rail history as the home to Engine 374 – the first passenger train to enter Vancouver in 1887.

 Besides making our spaces available for rent, we offer a huge array of arts, cultural, and recreational programs. It is very likely that while your group is enjoying your event, just down the way others are actively involved in dance, woodworking, pottery, basketball, or some other exciting activity. The versatility and beauty of the RHCC welcomes thousands of users through its doors every year.

The following information is presented to help you decide whether to choose the RHCC as a venue for your activity. We wish you great success in your event and trust you will find your experience here very rewarding.

Room Information

All of our rooms are listed here with capacities, features and other pertinent information. Rooms available to rent at the Roundhouse include:


Member Use of Rooms

All Roundhouse members have access to various rooms in the Roundhouse for various activities. Please familiarize yourself with this policy.


External Vendors

A listing of technical providers, catering companies, party rentals places, and hotels.


Rental & Production Staff

Our on-site technical staff is highly trained and able to handle a variety of installations and events. Contact our Rental Liaison to inquire about renting at the Roundhouse.

LAURA MACKAY, Rental Liaison
laura.mackay@vancouver.ca | 604-713-1811
Submit rental requests online at recreation.vancouver.ca

ANDREW MCCAW, Production Manager/Technical Director
andrew.mccaw@vancouver.ca | 604-713-1809

KAYCE HONEY, Production Assistant
kayce.honey@vancouver.ca | 604-713-1808

MARIA CASTILLO, Production Administrator
maria.castillo@vancouver.ca | 604-713-1812

HANNE LENE DALGLEISH, Communications Coordinator
hl.dalgleish@vancouver.ca | 604-713-1872