Member Use of Rooms

Member Use of Rooms

Roundhouse patrons can drop in and use an available room for a MAXIMUM OF 2 CONSECUTIVE HOURS PER DAY. The first hour is FREE, and the second hour, or portion thereof, is $5.

The following conditions apply:

  • Room use is limited to two people only. Three or more is considered a rental.
  • A room cannot be reserved in advance. Use is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You must sign up for a OneCard and hand it in to the front desk before using the room.
  • You may not use the room for purposes of financial gain. You may not provide instruction, establish or promote outside activities or programs, or hold auditions that are not part of official Roundhouse programming.
  • You must leave the room clean and organized the way you found it. Also:
    – Roundhouse staff will not provide or set up equipment.
    – You cannot leave or store materials or artwork in the Roundhouse.
    – Your use of the space must not disturb or conflict with other programming or rentals.
  • You will be responsible for replacing any equipment that is lost or repairing any damage that occurs while you use the room.
  • The room is to be vacated at least 30 minutes before Roundhouse closes or before any other scheduled use.
  • Your use of the space must not contravene the Human Rights Code.
  • Roundhouse staff reserves the right to ask patrons to vacate the space if the above regulations are not met, or if the staff has any unforeseen or emergency needs for programming space.
  • Failure to comply with this policy or follow the directions given by Roundhouse staff will result in immediate loss of access to Roundhouse rooms and may lead to cancellation of room use in the future.

Submit rental requests online at

Or contact:
LAURA MACKAY, Rental Liaison | 604-713-1811