Room Information

Room Information

All of our rooms are listed here with capacities, features and other pertinent information. Rooms available to rent at the Roundhouse include:

Exhibition Hall

Originally a repair shed for train engines, the Exhibition Hall retains much of the original post and beam architecture, and even some railway tracks which remain embedded in its polished concrete floor. Natural light, high ceilings, and the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a dramatic space, well-suited for large gatherings, parties, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, performances and weddings.


Performance Centre

Located in the former diesel shed of the old Roundhouse, the Performance Centre retains its original brickwork, picture windows, and large train doors, providing the space with charm, warmth and character. The removable seating and accessible windows with retractable blackout blinds make this space ideal for diverse events, from dance and music performances, meetings and lectures to weddings, receptions and full-scale theatre.


Roundhouse Turntable Plaza

After many years of planning, consultation with the public, and numerous revisions, the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza officially re-opened on May 20, 2012. The north/south orientation of the turntable creates the perfect stage setting for a variety of activities – live performance, weddings, festivals, community events, corporate events, and more.


Kitchen & Servery Area

Features: commercial gas range, convection oven, stainless steel countertops

Dimensions: 30×15
Area (sq ft): 450
Standing Capacity: 7
Serving Area 
Description: cooler, stainless steel countertops, rolling shutters
Dimensions: 10×9
Area (sq ft): 90
Standing Capacity: 3


Features: full sized, sprung hardwood floor, capacity for many sports

Dimensions: 115×72
Area (sq ft): 8280
Standing Capacity: 200

Room A

Features: no windows, hard flooring

Dimensions: 21×15
Area (sq ft): 315
Meeting Style Capacity: 15
Theatre Style Capacity: 20
Standing Capacity: 20

Room B

Features: natural light, screen, concrete floor

Dimensions: 41×30
Area (sq ft): 1230
Meeting Style Capacity: 50
Theatre Style Capacity: 100
Standing Capacity: 80

Room C

Features: natural light, hard flooring, white board

Dimensions: 35×20
Area (sq ft): 700
Meeting Style Capacity: 25
Theatre Style Capacity: 30
Standing Capacity: 30

Arts & Crafts Room

Features: natural light, concrete floor, sink

Dimensions: 29×16
Area (sq ft): 464
Meeting Style Capacity: 20
Theatre Style Capacity: 30
Standing Capacity: 30

Dance Studio

Features: natural light, sprung hardwood floor, sound system

Dimensions: 50×30
Area (sq ft): 1500
Meeting Style Capacity: 0
Theatre Style Capacity: 0
Standing Capacity: 30

Board Room

Features: interior window, whiteboard, hard flooring

Dimensions: 19×14
Area (sq ft): 266
Meeting Style Capacity: 15
Theatre Style Capacity: 20
Standing Capacity: 20

Multimedia Room

Features: interior window, carpet, internet

Dimensions: 34×22
Area (sq ft): 770
Meeting Style Capacity: 30
Theatre Style Capactiy: 40
Standing Capacity: 40

Music Room

Features: piano, carpet, no windows

Dimensions: 20×19
Area (sq ft): 380
Meeting Style Capacity: 20
Theatre Style Capacity: 20
Standing Capacity: 20