Roundhouse Turntable Plaza

Roundhouse Turntable Plaza

After many years of planning, consultation with the public, and numerous revisions, the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza officially re-opened on May 20, 2012. The north/south orientation of the turntable creates the perfect stage setting for a variety of activities – live performance, weddings, festivals, community events, corporate events, and more.

The impressive crane, a reference to the working yard history of the Roundhouse, has attachments for lighting and rigging. In fact, it is specifically designed to be used by aerialists. The white canopy remains on during the summer and is removed for the winter, at which point the crane can be re-positioned using its two main hydraulic pivot points and two wing pivots.

The wooden flooring has a dynamic up-lighting feature. The perimeter of the main stage area acts as arena seating which creates a vibrant audience experience. The turntable, stage, and plaza area are all accessible by wheelchair.

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Turntable Plaza Layout (PDF)
Turntable Plaza (DWG)


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