Go Fly a Kite

Kite master Egan Davis and friends at David Lam Park. Photo by Karen Clare, 2015.

Kite master Egan Davis and friends at David Lam Park. Photo by Karen Clare, 2015.

Kite making is coming to the Roundhouse this April. In partnership with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF), the Roundhouse will host a hands-on workshop in the art of kite making. Facilitated by award winning kite master, Egan Davis, this event is part of a kite series the VCBF has planned for this year.

Egan’s vision for the kite series began several years back. Pink cherry blossom petals drifting in the air reminded him of pink kites. He approached VCBF Executive Director Linda Poole with the idea of flying a thousand pink kites as part of the Cherry Blossom celebration.

“All winter we’re looking down, huddled under an umbrella. Kites make us look up to celebrate cherry blossoms and the beginning of spring.” – Linda Poole

During the Roundhouse workshop, participants will learn how to assemble a small (2 ft x 2 ft) sled kite. The white polyethylene kites can be easily decorated with markers, so everyone will be able to let their creative juices guide them. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice kite dancing outside at David Lam Park. Egan has won awards for kite dancing, or kite ballet as it is referred to in the kite community, during international kite competitions.

The following day, Sunday April 5 from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM, individuals are invited to bring their creations to a mass kite fly at Vanier Park. One to two hundred kite enthusiasts are expected to take part, including some participants flying bright pink festival kites. The festival kites will fly in clusters of five to make up a cherry blossom. Contrasted with the mini sled kites, it will be a sight to see as we celebrate the arrival of spring.

Join us at the Roundhouse on Saturday April 4 for the free kite making workshop with Egan Davis. It will be held in the Café Lounge from 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM. Rain or shine we will then head to David Lam Park to test our creations and learn some kite maneuvers. Happy flying!

By Karen Clare, Roundhouse Blog Team. Karen has a background in psychology and human resources. She is an active volunteer in the arts community and she is inspired by all things creative.

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