Roundhouse Ageless Dancers

Community-engaged dance residencies at the Park Board bring together non-professional movers of all ages, sizes, dance abilities and cultural backgrounds to work alongside professional dance artists creating, practicing and performing dance.  They are working collaborations between professional dance artists and community members who might not think of themselves as dancers and choreographers. Community-engaged dance recognizes all participants as important contributors to the collaborative process – together, artists and participants explore creative movement and develop work that is important to them.

Ageless Dancers at the Roundhouse
The Ageless Dancers are an inclusive community of older adults who create, practice and perform in ways that honour the aging body, affirming and celebrating the unique experiences of later life.  In a series of weekly workshops, adults over the age of 50 explore the creative and interactive potential of their physical, mental and emotional selves through dance using movement and voice. Their work together is sourced in the knowledge, stories and experiences held in the mature body. In 2016/17 the Ageless Dancers are working with artists Jennifer Mascall and Nina Patell of Mascall Dance.