Postnatal Programs

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  • Go to the Roundhouse Park Board registration page and paste the program code into the ‘Search by keyword OR number’ field, then click the ‘Search’ button.
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Winter Registration Thu Dec 8, 9am (online, in-person) Fri Dec 9, 9am (phone)

Prenatal and Postnatal programs encourage healthy and active living in the months during and after your pregnancy. Please ensure that you consult your family physician before starting any prenatal or postnatal fitness program. If you are unsure if a particular program is suitable for you, please stop by before the beginning of any class and have a quick chat with the instructor. They will help recommend some options for you. All instructors have the appropriate training/certifications for providing specialized instruction for their programs.



Fit 4 Two® Infant Massage Workshop (19+)
Learn infant massage and encourage your baby’s sleep, development, bonding, and more. Especially good for babies with collic or eczema, babies with special needs, and adoptive families. This class is designed for pre-mobile babies. Bring a blanket. Fee is per family.
Su | Jan 15 | 11:15am-12:15pm | $24/1 sess | 88566 | 19+ | Room B
Instructor: Fit4Two Van Downtown/False Creek,

Baby Sign Language (19+)         
Did you know that babies can understand and communicate long before they can speak? Learn basic American Sign Language (ASL) hand gestures through fun songs and games. Newborns up to 2yrs.
Mo | Feb 27-Mar 27 | 12:30-1:15pm | $65/5 sess | 88752 | 19+ | Room B
Instructor: Into Yoga,


Fit 4 Two® Mom & Baby Fitness (19+) $15.50/drop-in
Attend to your baby’s needs and meet other new moms while getting a full-body workout: cardio, muscular endurance, postnatal specific core work, and flexibility. Women should be 4+ weeks postpartum (6+ weeks for caesareans). All fitness levels are welcome. Pre-mobile babies only please. No class Feb 13.
Mo We | Jan 9-Feb 1 | 9:45-10:45am | $103/8 sess | 88550 | 19+ | Dance St
Mo We | Feb 6-Mar 1 | 9:45-10:45am | $90/7 sess | 88551 | 19+ | Dance St
Mo We | Mar 6-29 | 9:45-10:45am | $77/6 sess | 88552 | 19+ | Dance St
Instructor: Fit4Two Van Downtown/False Creek,



Is your Baby Sleeping Through the Night? (19+)  
Learn about the biology of sleep in babies, why babies wake at night, and what to expect at different ages. Cultivate healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. Babies in arms are welcome.
Sa | Jan 21 | 1-3:30pm | $40/couple or $25/single/1 sess | 91808 | 19+ | Multimedia Rm
Instructor: Bonnie Sylvia Davis,

What’s Going on Inside that Baby’s Brain Anyway? (19+)
Learn how to support your baby’s social and emotional development in the first two years of life, including communicating with your baby and creating an optimal environment for development. Sa | Feb 4 | 1-3:30pm | $40/couple or $25/single/1 sess | 91809 | 19+ | Multimedia Rm
Instructor: Bonnie Sylvia Davis,

Do You Understand your Toddler? (19+)   
Learn how to understand your toddler’s behaviour based on the new science of brain development. Learn effective strategies for challenges such as tantrums, and enjoy the toddler years with a calm, happy child. Babies in arms are welcome.
Sa | Feb 18 | 1-3:30pm | $40/couple or $25/single/1 sess | 91812 | 19+ | Multimedia Rm
Instructor: Bonnie Sylvia Davis,

Making Sense of your Newborn (19+)
Explore the science of development and healthy attachment while learning practical tips for soothing, burping, sleep, and more. This course is for expectant parents and parents of a newborn up to 3mos. Bring a doll or teddy bear to practice on, a swaddling cloth, and carrier if you have it.
Su | Mar 5 | 12:30-4:30pm | $85/couple or $50/single rate/1 sess | 91810 | 19+ | Multimedia Rm
Instructor: Bonnie Sylvia Davis,

The Secrets of Healthy, Connected Families (19+)
The first few years of parenting can be challenging if you don’t have a clear road map. Learn five key principles that support a respectful, harmonious family life and start a “Family Manifesto” that will support your growth and connection as a family. Babies in arms are welcome.
Sa | Mar 25 | 12:30-4:30pm | $85/couple or $50/single/1 sess | 91813 | 19+ | Multimedia Rm
Instructor: Bonnie Sylvia Davis,


Baby & Me Yoga (19+)           $14/drop-in
Relax and learn gentle hatha yoga with other moms while caring for your baby. Dump stress and regain core strength as you gear up for all the challenges a new mother faces. Dads welcome.
Th | Jan 12-Feb 9 | 12:30-2pm | $58.75/5 sess | 87819 | 19+ | Room C
Th | Feb 16-Mar 9 | 12:30-2pm | $47/4 sess | 87821 | 19+ | Room C
Instructor: Alex Vanderster,



West Coast Childcare Resource Centre

WCCRC supports the healthy development of children, families and their communities by providing child development and child care information, referrals, training, support with subsidy applications, and resources for parents, caregivers and others who provide services to children and families.
Info 604-709-5661,

Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres

VSOCC’s mission is to design, develop, and deliver an integrated and comprehensive continuum of high quality child and family services that reflect community, family, and children’s values, needs, and interests. They offer a variety of licensed childcare and family programs in the downtown peninsula. More Info

Vancouver Coastal Health

VCH provides a full range of health care services ranging from hospital treatment to community-based residential, home health, mental health and public health services. VCH operates the Three Bridges Community Health Centre at 1292 Hornby St which offers a variety of community health programs. Info