FAQ & Forms

FAQ & Forms

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and see if your question can be answered there. If you don’t see your question, please call our Front Desk 604-713-1800 (press 2).


Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities & Rentals

How do I rent rooms at the Roundhouse?

LAURA MACKAY, Rental Liaison
laura.mackay@vancouver.ca | 604-713-1811
Submit rental requests online at recreation.vancouver.ca

We have small rooms to large halls for all occasions. Check our Facilities & Rentals page for further details.

What is the difference between renting a room and using a room for free with a OneCard?

When you rent a room, you are pre-booking the time specifically for you or your group, signing a contract and paying an hourly rate for the room. The room is then held for you on a particular date and time. The same goes for all our big room rentals where a damage deposit is paid ahead of time and there are many detailed steps involved.

With a OneCard you can use small rooms free for the first hour, and the second hour, or portion thereof, for $5 (a maximum of 2 hours). You cannot pre-book the room but you can call ahead to check the times to which rooms are available for use.

Do you offer birthday party packages?

Yes, we have birthday party packages on Saturday and Sundays from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Our birthday party package activities are geared towards children from 2 to 8 years. Cost is $140 for 14 children and $198 for 15 to 20 children. If you require an extension to your party or need a larger room, you must request this in advance,  space permitting. Please call the front desk to check for dates and to register at 713-1800 press 1.

What is the difference between booking a birthday party package and renting a room?

With booking a birthday party package, you actually pre-register for the date you want and pay ahead of time at the front desk. We provide the room, the leader and all the activities for the party as a package deal. We treat this as a regular course registration and not as a rental.

With a rental you pay for the room by the hour and nothing is included as a package. You will have to provide your own entertainment and activities including setting up and taking down your decorations after your party is over.

Do you have a swimming pool, rink or fitness centre?

The closest amenities are as follows:

Vancouver Aquatic Centre – Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre
1050 Beach Avenue, phone number 604-665-3424
West End Community Centre – Skating Rink and Fitness Centre
870 Denman Street, phone number 604-257-8333
False Creek Community Centre – Fitness Centre
1318 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, phone number 604-257-8195
Creekside Community Centre – Fitness Centre
1 Athletes Way, near Science World, phone number 604-257-3050

Do you have lockers and showers for use?

Yes, we have lockers and showers for use with a OneCard. All lockers are for day use only and you need to bring your own lock. You will also need to bring your own soap and towel as we don’t rent them out.

What are the rules in the Games Room?

You can use the Games Room free of charge with a OneCard, or you can pay a $1.00 guest fee for 1 day. All of the games are first come first served. If you are playing and there are others waiting to play, we ask that you finish your game and let the next person play, and then alternate back and forth.

Can I borrow a white board pen/other supplies for my meeting/event?

Rental supplies kits are available for rent at our front desk for $10. They contain a variety of items that you may need for your meeting/event, including pens and an eraser for whiteboards, scissors, and a surge protector/small extension cord.

Is there a daily Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support group that I can attend?

Yes, we have an AA group called “Yaletown Happy Hour” that meets Monday to Friday from 5:15 to 6:15 pm in the Multimedia Room. It is a rental group that runs out of our centre and everyone is welcome to attend. Please call the Happy Hour group at 604-434-3933 before attending. By donation.

Where is the closest coffee shop/restaurant?

There are many excellent coffee shops and restaurants in the area as well – there’s a Starbucks across Davie Street near the Urban Fare grocery store, Sciue on the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza, Subway, Quiznos, some pizza shops, and Salsa and Agave Mexican restaurant across Pacific Blvd, to name a few.

Is there an ATM machine in your centre?

No. There are several ATM (bank machines) in this area. The closest ones are: Coast Capital on Davie Street (near the turntable with the big crane), HSBC on the corner of Davie Street and Pacific Boulevard. RBC on Pacific Boulevard near the Canada Line sky train station towards Cambie Street.


When does the new program guide come out?

The new program guides come out 3 times a year. The Winter program guide (Jan to March) comes out in December. The Spring and Summer program guide (April to June/July to August) comes out in March. The Fall program guide (Sept to Dec) comes out in August.

Do you offer any drop-in gym time for children?

Yes, our Parent and Tot Gym time is very popular for ages 0 – 5 years. There are a variety of fun toys and a bouncy castle for your toddler to play with. It costs $2.75 to drop in each time, or a ten-visit pass costs $21. Schedule is subject to change. Please contact the front desk for further information, 604-713-1800 press 1.

Do you have a seniors centre and why is there a difference in price for some programs?

No, we do not have a seniors centre at the Roundhouse, but we offer some exciting programs geared towards older adults. Our seniors rate starts at 60 years up however anyone 55 years up can join our programs but pay the adult rate. Most programs are free or subsidized at a cheap rate. A OneCard is required.

Do you offer any daycare, before and after school care or preschool?

No, we do not have a daycare or preschool as we are not licenced or have the space. We do not provide before school care but do provide lunch hour programs and after school care for children attending Elsie Roy Elementary School. We have an excellent Afterschool Kids Club run by Silvia Rubino and you can call her at 604-713-1803 if you have any questions or you can call the front desk at 713-1800 press 1, to register.

Registration & Services

What is your refund policy?

All refunds are pro-rated minus the classes that have gone by. A $10 admin fee is charged for all courses over $20 and the membership fee is non-refundable. All refunds are returned the same way it was paid. If you paid by Visa, Mastercard or Debit card, the refund will be returned to the same card number. Cash and cheque payments are refunded by cheque and mailed to you. Cash refunds under $10 are paid directly to you and will require a signature upon receipt.

Can I cancel or transfer from a course after I have registered for it?

Yes, you can cancel or transfer from a course provided you do so before the start of the third class and depending if there are spaces available in the course you want to transfer into.

How much notice do I have to give in advance for a refund request?

All courses require advance notice for refunds. For most courses you can request a refund before the start of the third class however some courses have different notice requirements. Woodworking and First Aid courses require 48 hours notice before the class starts. Transfers for First Aid courses require a 24 hour notice only for illness and extenuating circumstances. Tennis courses require 1 week’s notice in advance. Workshops and special events require 72 hours notice and birthday parties require 10 days notice before the party. Summer Daycamps require one week’s notice in advance for cancellations. After School Kids Club require one week’s notice before the start of the next month.

Can I register for a course and pay later?

No, all payments are due at the time of registration. We do not hold spots without payment.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit card, cheques and cash. We do not accept American Express. All phone-in registration can be paid by Visa or Mastercard.

Do you keep my credit card information on file?

No, we do not keep any credit card information on file due to security reasons, except for courses requiring payment plans where monthly payments are processed. All credit card information for payment plan purposes are kept securely under lock and key.

Can I register for courses online?

Yes, you can register for courses online by creating an online account. You can do so by going either into the Roundhouse website under “How to Register” tab. Or you can go to the Park Board website.

When are your registration dates?

There are three main registration dates in a year. Our Winter registration day is in December; the Spring and Summer registration day is in March and the Fall registration day is in August.

Do you sell Roundhouse souvenirs/t-shirts?

Yes we do. For example, you can purchase a Roundhouse t-shirt for $20.00, or a Roundhouse postcard for $1.00.

Are there discounts available for low-income individuals?

We accept Leisure Access Cards at the Roundhouse. With a valid LAC card you can get a 30% discount on most of our programs. You can pick up an application for an LAC card at our front desk. We can also set up a payment plan for certain programs. Please speak to one of our programmers for more information on payment plans. For more information, call 604-257-8497

Leisure Access Card Brochure | Leisure Access Card Application | Leisure Access Card Ministry of Social Development Application

Why does an answering machine come on when I call the main number 604-713-1800?

All City phone calls are now directed to one main calling centre called 3-1-1. 3-1-1 receives all calls and when the answering machine comes on, it will ask you if you want to speak to someone directly at a centre. The 3-1-1 operators are there to assist you and answer all general questions but if you need further help, you can be directed over to us by pressing 2 on your phone.

Get Involved

How much is your membership fee and why are some courses charged a separate membership fee?

Our annual membership fee for the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Society is: Family $12 (parents and children under 19), Adult $9 (under 60), Seniors $4 (60 and over), Youth $4 (13 – 18), Child $4 (0-12 yrs). All membership cards are valid for one fiscal year from July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the next year.

Membership is not required to register for a course.

What are the benefits of having a Roundhouse membership?

With a Roundhouse membership you can use our Games Room, which has a billiards table, table tennis, foosball and air hockey, as well as our change rooms (which have showers and lockers – you need to bring your own lock for the lockers), free of charge. You can also enjoy Member Room Use, which allows you to use almost any room we have available free of charge for the first hour (it is $5 for each additional hour). Please see our Member Room Use Policy listed in our brochure for further details. You can register for some free workshops and join our Association as a Board Member.

How can I volunteer here?

You can apply to be a volunteer online through our volunteer sign-up page. After you’ve submitted your application you can follow up with our Volunteer Coordinator at 604-713-1857.

Are you hiring?

As we are a Park Board facility, most of our job openings are listed on the City of Vancouver’s website: www.vancouver.ca. You are welcome to leave your resume with us as well.

How can I become an instructor/offer a program here?

You can submit a program proposal online through our Program Proposal page.

About Us

Where are you located?

We are located at 181 Roundhouse Mews in Yaletown, Vancouver. We are between the cross streets Davie St & Pacific Blvd and Drake St & Pacific Blvd. View Map

What are the main landmarks near Roundhouse for me to look out for when I am getting there?

David Lam Park is across the street from the centre on Drake St &Pacific Blvd. It’s hard to miss the large glass enclosure for the Engine 374 Pavilion which houses the very large Engine CPR 374 – visible from Davie St & Pacific Blvd. Look for the huge red crane on the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza with a white canopy visible from Davie St, across from Urban Fare.

How do I get to Roundhouse and is there parking there?

The Canada Line Yaletown-Roundhouse Station is kitty-corner to the Roundhouse on Davie St & Pacific Blvd. The Aqua Bus Ferry terminal from Granville Island stops at Marinaside Crescent. The shuttle bus that runs on Pacific Blvd has stops at Davie St and Drake St. Find underground parking lot off Drake St & Pacific Blvd across from David Lam Park. The entrance is on Roundhouse Mews, access from Drake St.

What are the parking rates?

The parking lot is run by EasyPark and cost $3.25 per hour. There is a flat rate of $4 in the evening from 6 – 11pm. Weekends and Statutory holiday cost $13 flat rate from 7am – 6pm. The parking machine accepts coins and credit cards but no change is given back. Please note that some loonies and toonies are not accepted.

Can you give me change for the parking meter, and can I park there overnight?

Yes we can provide change for the parking meter, but we may not be able to at certain times of day or if the bill you ask us to break is too big. You may park overnight in the parkade however the gate closes at 11 pm and there is no in and out access from the parkade. For those who come to attend events that end after 11 pm, access to the parkade is through the community centre itself.

Where can I park if I am dropping off my child or if I have to unload a delivery?

There are a couple of free 10 minute parking spots available for drop offs in the underground parkade. The loading zone is for deliveries directly related to Roundhouse and is located at the front entrance in the alley way on Roundhouse Mews. You will need to come in and speak to the front desk first. The entrance to the parking lot is 6’8” high. Vehicles taller than that will have to park in the loading zone.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are 9am – 10pm Monday through Friday, and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Our front desk closes ½ hour earlier – at 9:30pm on weekdays, and 4:30pm on weekends. We are closed on statutory holidays, the Labour Day weekend, and Christmas Break. Seasonal closures are noted on our homepage under UPDATES.

Are there any pay phones in your centre?

Yes, we have two pay phones inside our centre. One is located near the elevator door and the other is in the Great Hall near the dance studio.

Do you have any water fountains?

Yes, we have two water fountains inside our centre. One is located outside the gym and the other is outside the dance studio. We also have three vending machines.

Are pets allowed inside the building?

No, we do not allow dogs inside the building other than Certified Assistance dogs. Owners can have their pets wait outside. For our Dog Obedience classes, all dogs enter from an outside entrance door into the room directly.

Is your centre a safe zone during emergencies?

Yes, our centre is considered a safe zone during an earthquake. We will have the earthquake emergency team set up a place of refuge here. During a heat wave, we have air conditioned rooms and people can take shelter indoors from the heat.


Are there any computers for public use?

No, we do not have any computers for the public to use however, if you have your own laptop, there is free wifi internet access. Look for VanWiFi.

Are there any fax or photocopy service for public use?

Yes, we do occasional faxing and photocopying for a fee. Local faxes are $1 a page, we do not send long distance faxes. All photocopies are in black at 10 cents a page. If you require big printing jobs, we recommend going to local printing businesses such as Staples or Office Depot.

Can I post up a poster or notice on your bulletin board?

Yes, if you bring us your poster or notice in person, we will sign and date it for you and have you post it up on our public bulletin board. You may bring your own tacks or borrow ours. Posters are posted up for 2 weeks and then taken down, as we get many posters.

Where is the BC Medical Biolab?

The Biolab is located next to Hon Jin Sushi restaurant, which is in the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza, off Davie St.