Roundhouse Negotiations Statement – September 2013

Dear Roundhouse Community Members,

On June 26, 2013, the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Society’s Board of Directors (Roundhouse Board) voted to join representatives from the group of 12 Community Centre Associations (Group of 12) negotiating a new joint operating agreement with the Vancouver Park Board (Park Board). The Roundhouse Board felt that joining the negotiations at this time would provide its members the best opportunity to have a voice in the new joint operating agreement, remain responsive to the needs of the community and support our staff. In addition, we would be better positioned to advocate for maintaining the unique characteristics of the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre (Roundhouse) and to continue our strong tradition of arts programming and connection to the arts community.

The Roundhouse Board had originally opted to negotiate independently with the Park Board. However, in March 2013, the Park Board abruptly ended those discussions. We were disappointed by this outcome, as the Roundhouse Board had been one of the first associations to respond to the Park Board’s initial presentation and to support an open dialogue. During the last few months, we have been monitoring the negotiations between the Group of 12 and Park Board. With the recent introduction of the interim joint operating agreement, we felt it was in the Roundhouse’s best interest to join the larger negotiation process.

In the coming months we will make every effort to keep community members up to date on the progress of these negotiations. We welcome your feedback.