Everybody Dance Now

Contemporary dance and the Roundhouse community connected recently, during auditions for PuSh Festival’s 2015 production of Le Grand Continental®. For those who are unfamiliar with PuSh, it is a multi-disciplinary, international performance smorgasbord that celebrated its 10 year anniversary last winter. I look forward to it each year as a bright spot in the post-Christmas […]

Limitations Create Freedom

Have you ever felt the inner need and desire to dance, to express yourself through movement, as YOU want, as you FEEL it? Have you ever stopped yourself even before trying? Imagine if one day you did not have such an opportunity for reasons out of your control. Would it stop you from wanting to […]

Bringing the Vancouver Hip Hop Community Together

What does a Hip Hop community look like? According to the Universal Zulu Nation, a hip hop community is based on the sharing of ideas and resources, while providing service to the broader community through outreach programs. The aim of the organization is to promote peace, equality and humanitarianism through the four elements of hip […]

Explosion of Talent at the Queer Arts Festival

Dare being challenged. Risk being changed at this year’s Queer Arts Festival at the Roundhouse. From July 23 to August 9, the festival will highlight cutting-edge performance art, music, visual arts, literature and more by artists of all ages at this year’s festival under the theme “ReGenerations.”

Vancouver Hip Hop: More than Music

Classics from the golden era of 90s hip hop blast as the facilitators set up for the weekly Hip Hop Youth Drop-In at the Roundhouse. At the entrance, dozens of donated ham and cheese sandwiches in saran wrap are stacked beside the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace and a sign-up sheet. Vancouver Hip Hop Artist […]

Embracing Dance at the Talking Stick Festival

Being a creative soul and a dancer, I never paid much attention to dance forms that I did not understand, or if I found their music to be very calm. I was always attracted to high energy dance moves, as they make you feel alive and have the urge to dance, but as I have […]

Master Flamenco Ensemble

As a dancer, I find myself drawn to all types of dance forms. When dancing, I find that I am in my element and in a place of true bliss. Anyone who knows me well can affirm my passion for the art of dance and can also tell you that mimicking any dance form comes […]