Secret Lives and Habit@

Illuminated living spaces seemingly on display to evening passers-by provide the inspiration for Janet Wang’s WINDOW installation, Habit@. Habit@ transforms the Roundhouse exhibition space into a portal to peek inside the domestic lives of urbanites. A series of stacked boxes of varying sizes represent apartments and condominiums. Some rooms are empty, some are occupied by […]

This is for the Birds

Did you know that the City of Vancouver has an official Bird Strategy? As part of the greenest city initiative, goal number six – access to nature – includes creating the conditions necessary to increase the diversity and well-being of our bird population. To this end, the Bird Strategy sets out five objectives: support habitat, […]

Everybody Dance Now

Contemporary dance and the Roundhouse community connected recently, during auditions for PuSh Festival’s 2015 production of Le Grand Continental®. For those who are unfamiliar with PuSh, it is a multi-disciplinary, international performance smorgasbord that celebrated its 10 year anniversary last winter. I look forward to it each year as a bright spot in the post-Christmas […]

Ethical Investing: What it means and why it’s important

In this age of digital media, information is shared at a lightning pace. Individuals and companies alike are more aware than ever about the environment, human rights, diversity and other issues concerning citizens around the world. More than simply aligning their own practices with their beliefs, people are turning to their investments to return more […]

Explosion of Talent at the Queer Arts Festival

Dare being challenged. Risk being changed at this year’s Queer Arts Festival at the Roundhouse. From July 23 to August 9, the festival will highlight cutting-edge performance art, music, visual arts, literature and more by artists of all ages at this year’s festival under the theme “ReGenerations.”

Staying the Course with Kathryn Sweetapple

It’s no accident that the Roundhouse (RH) offers a unique array of fantastic social and recreational programming. That’s because Recreation Programmer, Kathryn Sweetapple, who has been employed at the RH for seven years, carefully selects the courses that best reflect this community centre’s diverse clientele. My passion for recreation and being active brought me to […]