Bringing the Vancouver Hip Hop Community Together

What does a Hip Hop community look like? According to the Universal Zulu Nation, a hip hop community is based on the sharing of ideas and resources, while providing service to the broader community through outreach programs. The aim of the organization is to promote peace, equality and humanitarianism through the four elements of hip […]

Explosion of Talent at the Queer Arts Festival

Dare being challenged. Risk being changed at this year’s Queer Arts Festival at the Roundhouse. From July 23 to August 9, the festival will highlight cutting-edge performance art, music, visual arts, literature and more by artists of all ages at this year’s festival under the theme “ReGenerations.”

Vancouver Hip Hop: More than Music

Classics from the golden era of 90s hip hop blast as the facilitators set up for the weekly Hip Hop Youth Drop-In at the Roundhouse. At the entrance, dozens of donated ham and cheese sandwiches in saran wrap are stacked beside the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace and a sign-up sheet. Vancouver Hip Hop Artist […]

The railway and the history

Engine 374 is a landmark in our history. Not only did it pull the first Canadian transcontinental passenger train into Vancouver, but also contributed to keeping  British Columbia a part of Canada. Writing about its anniversary was my first assignment for this blog. But after interviewing William Johnston, director of the West Coast Railway Association […]

The Railway and the SkyTrain

  Construction progress photo of the CPR Dunsmuir Tunnel (Photo from the City of Vancouver archives) If you take the Expo or Millennium SkyTrain lines, most of your travel is above the city, which gives you the chance to admire the beautiful landscapes of Vancouver. However, when the SkyTrain arrives downtown, passing by the Stadium–Chinatown […]

The Railway and Yaletown

On a visit to Yaletown, Vancouver’s main warehouse district at the end of the 1800s, we notice the area has different traits compared to some other areas of town. Perhaps most of us don’t know the reasons, but Yaletown’s history and the Canadian railway are closely related. Changes started to come after the agreement between […]

Restoring Engine 374

If you’re familiar with Yaletown or if you read my previous post, you know that in the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre you’ll find the famous Engine 374,  which pulled the first passenger train into Vancouver. But maybe you haven’t heard how it ended up being housed after 58 years in service for the […]